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One Belt One Road China Investment Holdings Limited was formed in 2016 in response to the OBOR initiative.


We are a comprehensive and diversified investment group. Within our group we have 29 members of leading, influential Chinese enterprises, including a number of top 500 Chinese private enterprises, giving us a strong and reliable foundation to undertake large scale infrastructure, industrial, commercial and financial projects.


Our OBOR strategy aims to connect China with the economic corridors outlined by the OBOR initiative. This is achieved through developing, funding and creating new projects, whilst aiding regional and international growth. The immense opportunities between international partners, enterprises and governments heightens a mutually beneficial relationship and development of international trade, investment and commerce.

Based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the Group has extensively explored and developed various domestic financial resources and has merged with subsidiaries in Xi’an, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou and Shenyang.




Viewed as a central tenet of President Xi Jinping’s leadership, The One Belt One Road initiative (OBOR) is the framework for foreign policy and global economic development. OBOR draws inspiration from the ancient Silk Road trade routes and cultural exchanges connecting China with Europe and Africa. This regional economic integration process has become a foundation of international trade and commerce, aiding growth and development in the modern world.


OBOR refers to the inland ‘Silk Road Economic Belt’ and ocean trade routes ‘21st-Century Maritime Silk Road’. The initiative envisages the building of six major economic cooperation corridors and numerous key maritime pivot points through Eurasia. The routes connect more than 65 countries and regions from Asia to Europe, passing through Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia and the Middle East.


The countries involved, currently account for 62% of the global population, 31% of global GDP and around 34% of the world's merchandise trade. Currently there is over USD $900 billion in projects. By 2050, OBOR aims to contribute 80% of global GDP growth, and advance three billion citizens into the middle class. In 2017, the Chinese Government has invested USD $33 billion into OBOR projects, surpassing the USD $31 billion invested in 2016. 


The OBOR initiative promotes economic prosperity and regional economic cooperation, strengthening communication and cultural ties whilst promoting world peace. This systematic project will enable China to expand and promote mutually beneficial relationships through trade, capital, goods and services between Asia, Europe, Africa and the rest of the world. This economic vision offers global businesses of all sizes – exceptional opportunities to tap into new markets along the Belt and Road and gain deeper access to global markets.





“The Belt and Road” is a cooperative and constructive path aimed

at encouraging the countries along the Belt and Road to achieve economic policy coordination and carry out broader and in-depth regional cooperation of higher standards. This will create and strengthen an open, inclusive and balanced regional economic cooperation network that benefits all.

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